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The Texicans ePub

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Most of us Americans have grown up with at least a vague awareness of the phrase, ‘Remember the Alamo!’ But few have been really taught about the events leading up to that horrific event, or what happened afterwards in the intriguing story of how Texas earned its statehood.In Jinx Schwartz’s THE TEXICANS, that’s exactly what she does, and does it extremely well.Using the Stockman family (German immigrants) as her epicenter, she introduces us, through them, to the complicated intermingling of land possession, land grants, revolution, changing allegiances, prejudices, and much, much more.

First owned by the Spanish, this land, locally known as The Zone, became a battleground for Mexico’s revolution, followed by the Texas Revolution.Land grants had wooed American citizens there as well as Mexicans, and one never quite knew who was loyal to whom. Much like the predawn days of the American Revolution where neighbors distrusted neighbors, this point in time was dangerous as well as colorful. Names like Santa Anna, Hidalgo, Stephen Austin, and Andrew Jackson, all of whom we probably have heard about, here, are presented up close and personal in this very well written, descriptive, informative novel.

Having expected the same charming, clipped style of Ms. Schwartz’s Hedda Coffey series, I was surprised and pleased at how different her prose appeared here––erudite and flowing, it befitted the time period and genre perfectly, while demonstrating the author’s great versatility.A highly recommended read!
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