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Eleven Kids, One Summer ePub

Eleven Kids, One Summer ePub ebook download
Wow, what an awful lot of children they have.
At first it was a little bit confusing because I hadn't read the first book about the Rossos. And since they have unusual names, it's kind of hard too to remember all their names and nicknames. I got on, though.
The thing I like about this book is that every character has their own personality, although some stand out more than their siblings. I hope this doesn't sound sexist but I like the boys better than the girls because they're less annoying (except for Bainbridge). And I think Abby and Bainbridge sometimes act bossy since they're the oldest ones. My favorites are Woody the artist and money-maker, Hardy the family detective, and Ira the paranoid but cute one.

This family kinda reminds me of the Pikes in Baby-sitters Club series although the Rossos have more kids. Now I'm thinking wouldn't it be exciting if the Pikes get their own series? I l-o-v-e the Pikes, and although Mal is the oldest ones she doesn't boss around and as a matter of fact is very responsible. And the other kids are so adorable :D
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