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The Laughing Man ePub

The Laughing Man ePub ebook download
Main idea: a person living in this world, compares it to the fictional world, experiencing all of the events as a "two worlds", evaluating and reviewing all the emotions, actions and deeds again.
What a story: the narrator recounts the events of his childhood, when he was a member of the Comanche Club and participated in various events, including sports. The leader - the head of the organization, tells stories about a man who laughed, and each time the stories developed about the same as the life of the leader. Once the bus with the team Comanche drove the girl, who later started the game along with other members of the group. But one day, drove the girl, Chief almost did not talk to her, she did not play baseball, and ran away after talking with him. In the last story, the Leader of the Laughing Man, man died in a death spasm pulled off the mask.
Liked: the story is quite complicated to understand, but definitely makes you think about what the person is sometimes better to relive the events in his mind, in the world of fantasy and dreams, than to know that this is happening in the real world. I liked the fact that the author shows the whole situation, comparing it with a fictional world, which makes the story more interesting and adds a distinct experience of one of the main characters - the Leader.
Dislikes that leader lost his girlfriend, and with it has gone from his master image - the image of the Laughing Man in his heart he was killed along with him, having lost faith in the man who laughed in his fictitious life. ™
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