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Stones of Lucic ePub

“Stones of Lucic tells of events leading up to the fall of Rome and Western Civilization’s inevitable slide into 500 years of decline. It was the beginning of the Dark Ages. My books, Fortune’s Odyssey, The Lord of Chaos, and the soon-to-be-released Freya-Gund are continuations of this harrowing saga. The telling will keep you in suspense from cover to cover all the while enlightening you on how one ‘thinking barbarian’s’ intrusion could mushroom into…well now, we are getting ahead of ourselves aren’t we. You’ll simply have to read the book. And if you do, you will witness the ascendancy of some of the great people of history—one of which is the most despicable woman to ever walk the face of the earth. Her name is one you will not soon forget.

Yes, this is a story of real people—heroes and villains, young and old, rich and poor—trying to survive one of the most horrific times in the history of mankind—a tale of love, hate, sex, and adventure.”

Howard H. Howard says,
“I have walked the walk of this adventure: tasted the waters in the aqueducts, stepped through the walls of the old Roman cities, traveled the ancient goat trails in the high passes of the Alps and along the Mediterranean shores, floated [down] the rivers, explored the tombs, read their personal communications and amassed one of the largest libraries on that period. I no longer wonder how sack cloth felt on their bodies or what they consumed or how they got through the winters without dying of cold or hunger or loneliness. Even sex, violence, and dying are no longer just guess-work. With that thought, I leave you to enjoy this raucous tale of adventure and intrigue at the beginning of the Dark Ages.”
Illustrations by Cathy Breese
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