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Fallen ePub

Nikita Steele @ Joyfully Reviewed

When two very uptight people meet in a fetish club – sparks will fly!

On her twenty-fifth birthday, Mandy’s two best friends took her to a fetish club with hopes of breaking her narrow-minded attitude towards her non-existent sex life by taking a walk on the wild side.

Peter couldn’t believe that he allowed his best friend to talk him into going to a fetish club.As a moralistic market analyst, it wasn’t in his nature to frequent this type of club.Yet, here he was standing against the wall in a devil’s costume, counting down the time until he could leave.Then, his angel walked into the room.

Instant sparks flew between them.But, will Mandy’s stern upbringing wedge its way between them before she could discover the pleasure touch of a man?

The plot of Fallen focused solely on a night of fun-filled sex between two people who needed to loosen up a bit.Mandy was a woman who, while successful in everyday life, didn’t know the first thing about intimacy from a man.Peter proved to be the perfect guy to break through Mandy’s shell and to give her what she needed most.With an alpha type of personality, Peter unleashed the wild woman within just waiting to break free.Although, Fallen was a diminutive story in length, it didn’t fall by the wayside in the sex department, nor lose my attention. I was eager to see how everything would pan out.Hopefully, Ava Delany will expand on this couple as I would love to learn more about them.

The Fetish Club series is a trilogy featuring three female best friends who decided to take a walk on the wide side.Each story can be enjoyed as a standalone novel.
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