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The West Point Class of 1950, individually and collectively, significantly contributed to this Nation`s winning the Cold War.

Immediately upon graduation in June 1950,one hundred fourteen members of this class fulfilled their commitment toDuty, Honor, Countryby leading men in combat in the Korean War and giving the ultimate sacrificetheir lives. Forty one men died in thisForgotten War.Ultimately, over three hundred sixty five of this class served in this war. Later, they again either led men in combat or planned the military`s role in Vietnam, Panama and Granada {Indeed, many of this class had also served in the military in World War II.} One member of this class, Lt. Gen. Richard Trefry served as a special assistant to President Bush during Desert Storm. Lt. Gen Dick Leavitt was a U-2 pilot; Maj. Gen Grayson Tate was a key member of the team that developed this Nation`s rockets and ballistic missiles. Frank Borman, the astronaut, contributed greatly to this Nation`s effort to win the race to the moon. Three members of this class were Chiefs-of-Staff of their respective servicesall at the same time: Gen John Wickham, U.S. Army; Gen Charles Gabriel, U.S. Air Force; and Gen. Fidel Ramos, Philippines {later elected President}. Many rose to leadership positions in industry and educational institutions: men such as Robert McBride and Ward Wheaton.
This book tells the story of these and many other Cold War Warriors of the West Point Class of 1950.

People of this Nation, as well as other Nations, need to know about the selfless dedication and substantial contributions these men made to winning the Cold War and in maintaining Freedom throughout the world.

The book`s Forward is written by former Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger; and endorsed by the 50th Commemoration Committee of South Korea.

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