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Animated Death ePub

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In the year 2050, world government has arrived. Countries still retain their presidents and prime ministers as a sop to the old democracy, but all the major decisions are made by the World Governing Council’s Committee of ElderWisemen, acting under the direction of the all-powerful President, Hobin Stern.
Law and order is a major problem that’s getting worse, and even threatening the security of the chosen few. The death penalty is no longer a deterrent to those who would commit acts of terrorism, murder, paedophilia, rape and treason. As a result of major technological advances, carried out in the secrecy of their own laboratories, the WGC announce that the traditional death penalty is to be abolished and replaced with what is known as Animated Death.
Folk hero Robin Hood and his brothers-in-arms are the new system’s first victims. While the world looks on in awe, Hobin Stern seems to be taking more than a passing interest...
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