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New York Dead (Stone Barrington, #1) ePub

New York Dead (Stone Barrington, #1) ePub ebook download
The main character in the book, Stone Barrington, is not your typical New York cop.He went to law school but became interested in police work during his stint in school.As a foodie and oenophile, and with his white collar background, he's also supposed to be somewhat more "cultured" than the average cop, although this doesn't keep him from condoning the use of offensive, negative terms for minorities and lesbians.

Stone is on medical leave recovering from a bullet to the knee when a woman, Sasha, falls from a 12-story building in front of him.He's put on the case with his partner, Dino, an Italian who personifies the usual stereotypes associated with Italian people. Sasha is a prominent news anchor, and the main suspects include her co-anchor and her lesbian lover.What is odd is that the body disappears on its way to the hospital, so the book is set up so that there is a possibility that Sasha might still be living.The romantic interest is Cary, a woman who works at the news station where Sasha works.The sex scenes in this book are so poorly written, it was embarrassing to read them.It made me wonder why they were even included. This is definitely not an example of the Romantic Suspense genre.The ending is also so far-fetched and sounds like something out of a Hannibal Lecter novel, I would not be surprised if The Silence of the Lambs came out around the time this was being written...It's a page-turner, but I don't feel at all compelled to continue with the series.It felt very much like a book that was written by a man, for men.Stone definitely thinks like a guy, and some of his thoughts are ones that as a woman, I'd rather not be privy to.
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