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Savage Surrender (Savage Secrets, #1) ePub

Savage Surrender (Savage Secrets, #1) ePub ebook download
Love's Captive
Strong-willed and beautiful, Brenda had escaped the brutal muderers of her pioneer family.Her anguish and fury were then challenged by the savage wilderness, where her only hope for survival lay in the forceful bronzed arms of an Ojibwa warrior.Striped Eagle was the kind of man she had been raised to fear - the kind of man whose dark, smoldering gaze unleashed her heart's forbidden temptations.
Passion's Slave
She was his - body and soul.The burning touch of his lean, muscled torso against her tender flesh aroused the sweetest rapture of desires unknown.The probing heat of his kiss blazed a trail of unexplored ecstasy.And his loving embrace awakened a hunger for more.While defying her fulture and daring to avenge her family's enemies, Brenda would share with Striped Eagle a love that triumphed in the flames of eternal desire and ...SAVAGE SURRENDER
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