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Ramtha on Create Your Daywas recorded live at Ramtha s School of Enlightenment on March 8, 2005. Ramtha s original teaching on creating your day mentioned in the hit movie,What the BLEEP Do We Know!? Create Your Day (SM) is an original teaching and technique created by Ramtha that he has been teaching his students since 1992 at Ramtha s School of Enlightenment. This teaching has been copyright protected since that time. The original Create Your Day (SM) technique available through Ramtha s School is protected as a service mark also to safeguard its authenticity and originality."I would make a strong suggestion that every day you get up and you sit in this discipline, roll your eyes back, and instead of rushing around, sleeping in late, do this and focus, create your day. All you have to do is to see that this day is filled with sublime adventure. And if you know it and you feel it and you have given it life, it will be. So be it."— Ramtha (September 1992)
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