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A Sanskrit Grammar ePub

Mayrhofer's A SANSKRIT GRAMMAR has long enjoyed esteem in the original German, and in 1972 Gordon B. Ford Jr. of Northwestern University translated the work into English.

The grammar is a very simple presentation of phonology, morphology, and syntax. There is a diachronic perspective, and features of Sanskrit inherited from Proto-Indo-European are illustrated with examples from Latin, Greek, etc. This is especially useful in grasping the phonological features of accent, sandhi, and gradation (ablaut), which are well covered. In addition to the grammar proper, the book includes three Old Indic texts—one from Vedic, one from Epic, and one from late courtly poetry—and a substantial bibliography of Sanskrit resources and general Indo-European studies.

The book is only 120, and doesn't go into depth on any issue, but this makes the book valuable as a brief and highly readable summary when most grammar resources, like that of Whitney, are of massive size. I have only two complaints about the book. The first is that while the book is informed by IE linguistics, it came too early to profit from the insights offered by laryngeal theory. The other is that Ford's translation is in some places somewhat unpolished, and could have benefitted from better proofreading. Nonetheless, if you need a short sketch of Sanskrit grammar, Mayrhofer's is a sure bet.
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