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Slake editors Laurie Ochoa and Joe Donnelly asked a distinguished group of writers, artists, poets and photographers to break down the sprawl of Los Angeles into 100 LA Moments. Each scene, whether rendered as an essay, poem, short fiction, photo, artwork or descriptive prose, gives an up-close view of both the spectacle and everyday life of Los Angeles through the eyes of its inhabitants and a few well-known visitors. Slake: Los Angeles is devoted to the endangered art of deeply reported narrative journalism and the kind of polished essay, memoir, fiction, poetry and portrait writing that is disappearing in a world of instant takes and unfiltered opinion. Slake marks a return to storytelling. Designed with an artist's eye and published in a full-color, perfect-bound format, Slake: Los Angeles sets a new template for the next generation of print publications — collectible, not disposable; destined for the bedside table instead of the recycling bin; and so seductive in its looks and content that readers find it irresistible.
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