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THE SOMALI SANCTION (Series 3) ePub ebook download
THE SOMALI SANCTION - Bestselling Action Adventure Get your copy of this heart racing, adrenaline fueled action adventure from Mark Powell.

Do You Love fast paced Action Adventure, the type that keeps you turning pages? Spy's and Espionage? If YES, 'The Somali Sanction' is perfect for you.

The explosive, heart stopping action kicks off, when Terry Madden, the British Home Secretary and his wife Sarah are captured by ruthless Somali pirates while on a sailing holiday in the Seychelles. Their fate falls upon Jarred Stowe, a burned-out former MI5 operative and a band of handpicked MI6 officers led by Mark McCabe to plan their rescue. But the CIA and an unknown British Intelligence Head have other ideas; when they recruit known terrorist, Farrid Bashir to ensure Terry Madden does not make it back alive. Stowe and McCabe soon becomes suspicious that all is not what it seems when they encounter their nemesis, the Rain Angel, a fickle CIA double agent whose agenda is unclear. Embroiled in a deadly game of conspiracy and facing the limits of human endurance, the Maddens cling to life in the hope McCabe and Stowe can reach them in time.

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In total, 5 movie producers are trying to secure the rights to the film adaptation. Its powerful, intelligent and heart thumping non-stop action. Perfect for the big screen. Raintiger Productions.

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