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Two Dollar Bill (Stone Barrington, #11) ePub

Two Dollar Bill (Stone Barrington, #11) ePub ebook download
Decent enough Barrington, twisty suspense / entertainment!

Maybe the most obvious thing to say, especially to those like us that have read every book in Woods' growing bibliography, including all the Stone Barrington series, is that this one is as predictably good as most of them. While sometimes our playboy sleuth's antics are just too good to be true, his friendly band of regulars - Dino, Elaine, Lance Cabot (CIA), ex- Arrington, and a new love interest, NY ADA Tiffany Baldwin - help conspire to make "$2 Bill" a fun read. Even the villain, Texas con artist Billy Bob Barnstormer, who spreads around two-dollar bills (hence the title) like they were pennies, has so many aliases and concurrent schemes going on that there's rarely a dull moment. Bill's attempt to cast suspicion on Stone by slaying a hooker while spending a night in Stone's house didn't really generate much suspense, but the multiple identity Billy Bob keeps law enforcement and Stone hopping to even figure out who's who half the time. An appearance by Stone's old lover Arrington Calder did heat up things near novel's end, in a couple of ways (!), and frankly the ending was both a little surprising and satisfying.

Many feel Woods' books have descended into straight formula work, though we feel the Holly Barker stories (she gets a few brief mentions herein) have a fresh feel to them. With the Barrington set running a dozen or so tales, it's tough to get too creative - but then we pretty much know what has to happen anyway! Enjoy!
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