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Island for Two ePub

Island for Two ePub ebook download
For two couples, paradise is aboutto heat up... 

Hawaii Magic by Beverly Jenkins 
Workaholic attorney Anita Hunt is on the job 24/7. She's looking to make partner, not party. While on a forced vacation in Hawaii, she meets gorgeous pilot Steve Blair. When engine trouble forces them to make a crash landing, the seductive airman shows hera side of the exotic island and herself she never expected-and a passion that could make them partners in paradise forever.... 

Fiji Fantasy by Elaine Overton 
Connie Vaughn will never forget her thirtieth birthday presentto herself: a passion-filled week in Fiji with a sensual stranger who knew her only as Contessa. But Michael Hillard is about to reenter her life in a big way. And from the moment the corporate playboy meets his mystery lover again, he wages an all-out campaign of seduction. This time the stakes are much higher-a love to lasta lifetime! 
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