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Conquest of the Planet of the Apes ePub

Conquest of the Planet of the Apes ePub ebook download
A few years after he wrote his very strange novel, "Black in Time" about Black Power militants using a time machine to change history, John Jakes got a paycheck for writing the novelization of the most racially-loaded of the "Planet of the Apes" films, "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes." Released in 1972, just four years after more than one hundred American cities erupted into race riots following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King the movie (and book) kicks off back in time, with apes serving as slaves to humans. The super-smart talking ape, Caesar (child of apes who escaped from the future), gets angry at the abuses his apes suffer, infiltrates the institutions of The Man and leads a violent ape revolution.

Jakes's writes sentences the way a lumberjack chops wood - whack, whack, whack, with hardly any change in rhythm - but this novelization shines for two reasons:

1) It keeps the original ending. Test audiences roundly rejected the bleak ending of the movie which saw Caesar executing the humans who kept his apes chained up, and vowing that his revolution would sweep the world and see man totally destroyed. A new ending was shot that emphasized a "Why can't we all get along?" message. The original ending was included with the special edition Blu-Ray a few years ago and it's astonishing in its power. The book keeps the original ending and rarely has the rage of the oppressed been so powerfully expressed and the book does an even better job of drawing a parallel between the plight of African-Americans who were enslaved and the apes.

2) In the film, the characters who are chained up, enslaved, tortured, vivisected, whipped and degraded are concealed behind thick prosthetics and make-up that makes them look like monkeys. Without the visual cues that these are apes, the book gives us a world where characters dressed as humans but having "dark faces and forms" are subjected to this kind of treatment and called "monkey" and "inhuman" and "ape" which all sound like racial slurs directed against African-Americans. So by virtue of its medium being imaginative and not visual, the novelization of "Conquest" becomes an even more racially-loaded anti-slavery screed and reads less like a sci fi book about slave apes and more like a sci fi book about slaves.

Also...ape war! Which is awesome!
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