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Delta Belles ePub

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Where do you find the passion and the music in life when everything seems to go wrong?

In the tumultuous world of Mississippi in the late sixties, Delta Fox and her three best friends were full of fire and passion and the conviction that they could change the world. Forming a folk group called the Delta Belles, they sang at Civil Rights protests and anti-war rallies, stood up for gay rights when people they loved were being threatened, and found meaning and purpose in the cause of justice for all people.

Now, twenty-five years later, their lives have veered horribly off track. Overcome with losses, Delta questions everything she’s ever known about hope and faith. Twins Lauren and Lacy live in the same town but barely speak to one another. Rae Dawn, a successful New Orleans blues singer and songwriter, has failed miserably at the most important thing in her life: love.

When their 25th reunion calls them back together for one final concert, the Delta Belles must face the truth and find out if they have the courage to change their lives.

A timeless story of coming out, coming together, coming home. . .and discovering that family is not about DNA, but about all different kinds of love.
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