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Am I That Man? - How Heroes, Role Models And Mentors Can Shape Your Life ePub

am I that man? How Heroes, Role Models and Mentors Can Shape Your Life is a book whose thought-provoking title not only poses an important question, but commands the reader to search deep within himself for the answers. am I that man? is more than just a question, it is a philosophy; a guide for life. This book is about the conscious decisions you make every day as you plan how to move forward with your personal growth and development.It’s about how you respond to failure and whether or not you pursue your dreams. It’s about the decisions you make about how you are going to treat other people. It’s about your life and how you answer the question, “am I that man?”

Within the pages of this inspirational book, you’ll find personal stories of courage, patience and faith from real-life heroes, role model and mentors with a message to share.Included are 31 heartfelt stories of life-lessons; some handed down from father to son, some learned through personal experience. No matter what the story, its message will shine through and act as a beacon of light to guide the reader through their own challenges.

am I that man? is the perfect inspiration for college students and young adults when facing pressures coming from everywhere—parents, peers, teachers, employers, spouses. The stories will inspire them to make the right choices at every crossroad, which is something most men want to do, but sometimes find it difficult to know which choice for them. This powerful new book helps them do just that.

am I that man? is an inspirational guide for every man, regardless of their age or station in life, who is seeking to be a better son, a better father, a better husband, a better leader, a better mentor and a better role model.

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Here are some of the titles you will find in this amazing book:

15 Second Windows of Fate

A Reflection on My Mentors

Accomplishment- How Much is Enough

Am I That Man

An Ode to Failure

Dare To Be Great!

I am Becoming that Man

I get By With a Little Help

Learning Living and Leading

Lessons From an Ethical Warrior

Making the World a Better Place

Not What the World Would Call a Hero

Pillars of Substance

She Sees My Dad In Me

Situational Awareness and the Creation of Character

Sport At It's Best

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

The Banquet Speech

The Father Factor

The Most Important People

Tom's Legacy

Welcome to the Jungle

Your Life IS Your Legacy
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