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1914, as Europe teeters on the edge of a war that will decimate a generation, Gustav Steinhauer of the German Secret Service hatches a plot to destroy the British economy. Deciding that only one man can pull-off his daring plan, he sends Wilhelm Jaeger back to England.
With the bitter resentment of his previous failure to assassinate Churchill still burning deep in his gut, Jaeger is eager to prove himself, and revenge his sister's shooting. Meanwhile Jaeger's nemesis, former farm boy, 'Stoop' Pearson, returns to the Royal flying Corps after a winter recovering from injuries sustained thwarting the assassination attempt. There he finds a Military force training hard for a war in which the aeroplane will receive a baptism of fire and lead.
Stoop to Battle takes us from deep in the stinking black bowels of the London sewer system, to high in the azure blue of the shrapnel filled skies above a rapidly advancing German army as it closes on Paris.
From the vicious brutality and depravity of humanity to the supreme bravery and sacrifice of young men, Stoop to Battle sees old friends and bitter adversaries reunited as they pit their wits and talents against each other in a Europe descending into war.
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