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Untitled (The Dark Heroine, #3) ePub

We’re the third wheel in this Prophecy. What can one woman do for us? The Sage are revered. The vampires are hidden. Us? We’re persecuted. We’re purged. We’re The Damned.

Alexandria Vendart’s parents died in a riot. It was an accident, a riot designed to purge. They were human collateral damage, a tragic loss in a bigger war. Eight years on, and Alex has heard it all. But beside the whisperings of the small-town folk around her Texas ranch, there is no war, no cause: only college, boys, and the impending birth of her sister-in-law’s next brat.

That is, until a strange man by the name of Antae arrives and claims to have saved her from the same fate her parents suffered… by turning her as a child into one of the people who caused the riots in the first place: The Damned, users of blood magic.

Whisked away to learn her people’s history and the magical legacy she has inherited, Alex does everything she can to return to her normal human life; that is, until she meets The Twins, the alluring and secretive Ilijah and Maria. Drawn to the new girl, the pair can’t fathom why a silly teenager who can’t cast a single spell is so interesting… that is, until Alex’s fate unveils itself…

*Publication date not yet specified. Coming out in 2015.
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