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The Pen is Mightier ePub

The Pen is Mightier ePub ebook download
College student Sedrick Weir is the biggest fan of the brutal fantasy epic, 'Those Accursed Chronicles'. Its author, Paul Breston, has created a unique series of novels rife with debauchery and betrayal, in which no character is safe.

Through a miraculous fluke, Sed is transported into the mythic world he loves so much. When he returns to his own world, he must convince Paul that his imagined realm actually exists. And if that world is real, can Paul keep killing people who are no longer merely fictional? Must Sed's favorite characters really have to die?

Both satire and homage, 'The Pen is Mightier' is a love-letter to one of the most popular series and television programs in the fantasy genre.
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