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Strands of Sunlight (Strands, #4) ePub

Strands of Sunlight (Strands, #4) ePub ebook download
Pity. This series started out great with "Strands of Starlight." Medieval age, elves, witches, revenge...very fun fantasy stuff. But man did it get progressively more preachy with each frigging book. By the time it hit this fourth, and last, book it was just gawdawful. I don't have any problem with all the "goddess" this and "starlight" that, until you BEAT ME OVER THE HEAD WITH IT. And don't get me STARTED on the weak WEAK attempt at portraying race relations. The one African-American character was basically a cardboard cutout of a cliche of a stereotype, and Baudino was TRYING to be COMPLIMENTARY. Geez. Awful.
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