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Bleach Volume 23 (Bleach #23) ePub

Bleach Volume 23 (Bleach #23) ePub ebook download
Did I ever mentions that Ulquiorra looks like a Hollow version of Byakuya?
First page, he rips out his eye. 'Shivers'.
Next page he crushes his eye. 'Shudders'.
Why oh why did that have to occur in order to see Ichigo's suffering?
I noticed that many of the Arrancar don't have a hole in their chest, but in a different part of their body such as their stomach or their neck. Ulquiorra also hides the hole in his neck. Maybe he's self conscious... :P
Tatsuke is not going to figure out what's going on if she keeps quiet and trying to forget all the things she's seen.
I had no clue that Keigo, the crybaby of the group had some spiritual powers! He could see the Hollows/Arrancars, and the Soul Reapers. I feel bad for him though, getting put into a situation where the safety of his home is on the line...
Rukia is quite the actress. Unfortunately she's not allowed to stay in the closet again, (she brought some accessories to brighten up Ichigo's dreary closet.). Instead, she gets to stay with the other girls.
Poor Tôshirô... Oh excuse me, Captain Hitsugaya. But he's so stubborn, he could stay at Orihime's, Urahara's shop, Ichigo's house, etc. Stuborn little thing.
Rangiku is great for making someone feel better, but she at least could have tackled Orihime WITH clothing on. -_- She's like another Chizuru.
Okay, battle time:
We had D-Roy vs. Rukia, whom Rukia beat into the ground (literally). We finally get to see Rukia in action again, after so long seeing her acting kind of wimpy.
I'm a bit surprised Shinji hasn't made an appearance in a while. He was supposed to be convincing Ichigo (or just convincing his inner Hollow) to join their side.
After Ichigo saves Chad, and Rukia takes care of D-Roy, they are confronted by the fearsome Grimmjow, who will give no mercy.
Off to the side, Captain Hitsugaya is encountered by Arrancar #11, (no that is not a hashtag) Shawlong.
What I haven't been able to understand about the Gokongan, is that wasn't each pill a different person? So how can they all know exactly what to do if not all of them have been used? (That probably made no sense).
Ikkaku is fighting Edorad to the death, while Keigo and Yumichika chill on the sidelines. Although it makes sense, Yumichika seems to have absolutely have no confidence in his good friend Ikkaku. He even started planning his funeral before the battle was anywhere near the end!!
At the end, we are left hanging with the status of these battles. But before the volume officially ends, we find out that Renji was planning to tell Rukia that he was promoted to Assistant Captain of Sixth Company once she got back from the World of the Living, but never got a chance.
(Oh, and there was that 'Society of female soul reapers' meeting). :3

I want more Hollow Ichigo appearances!! (Lol bad thing to ask, but...)
And someone please tell me why the anime is so different!! :(
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