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High School Reunion - Bi Seduction Erotica ePub

Meeting an old friend at a high school reunion, a woman finds their friendship still strong. They share old memories, old secrets, old lovers and also some brand new things...M/f, Ff.

I know we were in a public park, but, alcohol helping, I didn't care if the whole world saw us. I was becoming so horny that I could've fucked him right in the middle of a dance floor. His hands reached down to grab my stretched tank top and pulled it off in a second. Without losing a single second, he unsnapped my bra to uncover my breasts.

Even back then, my breasts were fully developed, 34C; the same size as today, 10 years later. Anyway, he must've loved them because when he threw my bra away, he broke the kiss, bent down a little and started kissing them. Right then, I put my arms behind me on the table, where they'll be for the rest of this episode and arched my back to let him take a good taste of my breasts. I didn't even have the time to take his shirt off, but I didn't care. And for a boy, he sure could lick nipples like a pro. I don't know if it's your doing, but if so, I guess you let him have them quite often! While he kept on licking, his fingers unsnapped my cut-offs. Now I was really excited because I knew we were close to doing it. Spreading my legs even more, I was able to put my feet on the benches and raise my ass up to let him take my cut-offs down. He pulled my panties with them and, closing my legs one last time for him, he finally slid them down to the ground taking off my sandals at the same time. There I was, tot ally nude in Lincoln Park, aroused like a voracious nympho and about to be fucked by Judy's last boyfriend. He quickly unzipped his jeans before taking his cock out and pressing it against my literally dripping pussy. He didn't even want to take a taste of me, simply taking it in and fucking our way to orgasm.

He pulled out the condom from his pocket and quickly put it on. Then, placing his hands on my breasts to squeeze them hard, he slipped in and started to ...
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