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Inspired India ePub

In a country the size of India, problems too come large sized. Many of these appear all but insurmountable.

In the past few years, a series of examples of innovation and creative thinking have shown how many of these can be solved. In the process, the lives of millions have been transformed, and millions more can suddenly hope for a better future.

Inspired India, a Hindustan Times series, is a selection of 26 initiatives in health, governance, education, urban renewal, economy and road safety, among other areas, that have shown the way out of what is often a dead-end situation. These are examples of innovation that sometimes turn accepted wisdom on its head. Who, for instance, could ever imagine that world-class treatment could be inexpensive, as the Narayana Hrudayalaya near Bangalore provides, following a model that could revolutionize healthcare across the country. Or that the number of petty cases filed in overburdened courts everyday could be reduced by a simple expedient: the Dispute-free Village Scheme.

In addition to the examples are interviews with experts on their perception of the issues discussed, specific measures to takle the problems described, and comparisons with how other countries manage these, making this a unique book on a subject, an inspired India, that touches us all.
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