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Serge Panine, Volume 3 ePub

Georges Ohnet (1848-1918) was a French novelist and man of letters. After the Franco- Prussian War he became editor of the Pays and the Constitutionnel in succession. In collaboration with the engineer and dramatist Louis Denayrouze he produced the play Regina Carpi (1875), and in 1877 Marthe. Ohnet was an admirer of Georges Sand and bitterly opposed to the realistic modern novel. He began a series of novels, Les Batailles de la vie, of a simple and idealistic character, which, although attacked by the critics as unreal and commonplace, were very popular. The series included Serge Panine (1881) which was crowned by the Academy; Le Maitre de Forges (1882), La Grande Marniere (1885), Volonte (1888), Dernier Amour (1891). His later publications include Le Marchand de Poison (1903) and La Conquerante (1905).
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