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Enlighted Democracy ePub

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This book offers an excellent overview of the Electoral College for those unfamiliar with either the foundation or structure of this venerable American institution. In America today, there is an alarming lack of understanding about our history, the American Revolution, and the forming of the governments that started afterward. Few can tell you what the Articles of Confederation are, or why they failed so disastrously. Few have an appreciation for the Constitution, the most brilliant and inspired legal charter ever devised by the minds of man, through the inspiration of God. Few can opine, even on a rudimentary level, on the topic of the doctrine of federalism, the vertical and horizontal separation of powers within government, and the brilliance underlying them as the helped provide for a governing majority, while still protecting the rights of the minorities.

Our Founding Fathers loathed democracy, understood the inherent dangers within, and therefore chose to establish a constitutional republic, with instruments of representative democracy implemented to allow for an expression of the will of the people while also subduing the flames of passion that arise in moments of heated confrontation.

This book provides a concise summary of the inner workings of the Electoral College, and why it has been so immensely successful in providing a stable government for our nation for over two centuries. To all who sing the praises of pure democracy and call for an abolition of the Electoral College in favor of direct democracy, a reading of this book will surely change your mind, IF you love liberty.
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