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Wicked & Willing ePub

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Bad Girl #1: Bartender/heiress Venus Messina

Her Motto: Attitude is everything!

Venus Messina has seen it all. Growing up in the system, she's learned how to take care of herself. So when she's approached by a stranger who claims she's the long-lost granddaughter of a millionaire, she's wary. Especially when she meets her "grandfather's" new business partner, sexy Troy Langtree, and falls in lust at first sight....

With his latest fling having ended in disaster, bad-boy businessman Troy Langtree is starting over — in a new city, in a new job. He's hoping he'll be able to figure out what he wants from life. Only, once he meets bad girl Venus Messina, all he wants is to have his wicked way with her — again and again! And if he's lucky, Venus will be as bad as she looks....
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