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Anthropometry ePub

Kinanthropometry is the study of human body size and somatotypes (the shape and physical appearance of an individual, disregarding size) and their relationships with exercise, sports performance and nutrition. In this fully updated and revised edition of the classic guide to kinathropometric theory and practice, leading international sport and exercise scientists offer a clear and comprehensive introduction to this important subject.

Each chapter guides the reader through the planning and conduct of practical and laboratory sessions and includes a survey of current theory and contemporary literature relating to that topic. The book is fully illustrated and includes worked examples, exercises, research data, chapter summaries, and guides to further reading throughout.

Volume One Anthropometry includes detailed material on topics such as:

Body composition, proportion, and growth

Evaluating posture, flexibility and range of motion

Children's physiology, maturation and sport performance

Field work

Statistical methods for kinesiology and sport

Accurate scaling of data for sport and exercise sciences

The Kinathropometry and Exercise Physiology Laboratory Manual is essential reading for all serious students and researchers of sport and exercise science, kinesiology and human movement.
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