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The Black Ace Gang ePub

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Teenagers in the late ninteen fifties, grouped together during the local educational systems first attempts at what would be in later years known as a special education class, become upset with the general lack of control they have over their lives, and slowly hatch a plot to blow up the school. The thought processes and emotional interacting with each other and various adults in the community bring the story to a suprising conclusion. FORWARD: Kids are different from the rest of us. There are obvious differences, size, too much energy, short attention span; but that is not what I mean. I am talking about other things, such as the unique ability to see deeply into the heart of a situation. Not through logic and thought because that process gets in the way. Kids use what some call 'beginners mind' to explain the deep unspoiled openness that permits them to see and feel things with a pure truth, not clouded by preconceived ideas. It is a distinctive gift that makes kids alive and complete with each breath, wrapped by the individual second. Embracing existance, without analysis. Unburdened by the past or future. Then they grow up. DEDICATION: This book is dedicated to that first peer group to whom we bonded when we were young; in a time when our spirit was both bright and breathing deeply, and when a smile came effortlessly. To these never forgotten friends that we trusted and the trust that was returned. May we always be worthy.
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