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The Tornado ePub

Tornadoes occur everywhere in the United States, and each region of the nation has its own tornado season. Tornadoes have crossed mountains. Some have lasted more than an hour, scouring the earth with 250 mile-per-hour winds, and some have carried automobiles a half-mile and leveled sturdy homes. In The Tornado: Nature’s Ultimate Windstorm, Thomas P. Grazulis re-creates the incredible drama that so often accompanies tornadoes, and he provides detailed meteorological and statistical information about these marvels—and terrors—of nature.

How often does a tornado hit a particular location? How fast are its winds? Do tornadoes really seek out trailer parks? How many tornadoes hit the United States every year? How big can tornadoes get? Grazulis addresses all these questions and more in this book about one of the most destructive forces, and fascinating scientific puzzles, on the planet.
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