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Bleach―ブリーチ― [Burīchi] 59 (Bleach, #59) ePub

Bleach―ブリーチ― [Burīchi] 59 (Bleach, #59) ePub ebook download
Maybe it's just the scanlations but Tite Kubo's artwork seems to be getting a bit, how d'you say *French Accent* "computerised". And I hate to say it but these days I find myself less and less excited about reading the next chapter because:

a) I can safely say that ALL of his latest characters are ridiculous. I don't like any of them, except maybe (slightly) Juha Bach. Not only are their appearances insane (in the bad sense of the word) but the personalities are so recycled it makes me want to hurl. They are so very typical of Kubo. It's almost as though he is taking the mick, or ran clean out of ideas.
It's sad because in the beginning, one of the main reasons I got into Bleach was because I found the characters intriguing; personality and appearance-wise.

b) The dumb arguments that ensue between comrades on all sides of the battle. They're just so annoying and pointless and not even funny - any more. They used to be, but as is the case with most things; Kubo is using leftovers from last season so nothing is fresh; just stale rubbish!

c) The (side)plots are becoming too confusing! This might be down to translation, but the riddley-schmiddley weird way in which everything is explained just isn't working for me. Sometimes I feel like, "This is going to be the big moment where everything gets cleared up in one, boiled-down-to-the-basics, well-structured chapter." And then I get another jumble of repetitions and vague references to "They" and "That."

BAH - I'm so annoyed! and believe you me I could go on. But I'm so annoyed that I can't even be bothered. I don't like not being super gripped by Bleach and I'm practically praying that Kubo will release a chapter that will restore my faith in this series. Here's hoping!

It's easy to write of the things that annoy me about the latest arc, and forget the good bits. But that's what happens when one's extremely high regard for something is shattered. That being said (and despite all of my disappointments), I still gave this book three stars because there were some (fleeting) moments when I was on the edge of my seat for the next chapter (only to be let down, you see...)
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