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Stress and Mental Performance ePub

Stress and Mental Performance ePub ebook download
Confused about stress and mental functioning?

Many media articles and popular books provide conflicting views about how stress effects our mental performance. Some pundits say mental and physical stress motivates us and is good for mental performance, while other argue that it’s better to reduce stress if you want to be more focused and successful at handling mentally challenging tasks. So if you’re serious on improving your functioning in stressful conditions, it’s vital to get a balanced picture of how stress really effects mental functioning.

Stress and Mental Performance is a clear and concise booklet about how stress effects mental functioning and how you can perform better under stressful conditions. It describes how different types and levels of stress have different effects on mental functioning, and how you can use this knowledge to improve your mental functioning in your daily life.

(Approximately 10,000 words, including references and resources)
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