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Shameless Desire ePub

Shameless Desire ePub ebook download

Delanie knew she was playing a dangerous game but she had no choice. Blackmailed into impersonating long-lost Alicia Mandeville, she was forced to spy on the arrogant owner of Mandeville Hall. But Brule Mandeville was no easy target for a woman's wiles-his dark, brooding eyes seemed to see all her secrets in one knowing glance. He taunted her, toyed with her, and made her long for the heat of his demanding embrace until she was willing to surrender everything to him...except the truth.


Brule took one look at the auburn-haired beauty and knew she was not who she claimed to be. He'd never met a woman yet who didn't rely on deceit and trickery to get her way...well, this little adventuress was going to get more than she'd bargained for. By the time he was finished with her, her wide blue eyes would be ablaze with passion, her sweet red lips would beg for his kiss, and her soft silken flesh would be consumed by the savage fires of Shameless Desire!
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