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The three stars is actually fairly generous here, and only possible because I kept firmly in mind that the book was not written for modern readers, and therefore written for different tastes and different reading expertise.|

I might have enjoyed this more if I hadn't just read a couple of better mysteries right before, but as it is I found it difficult to understand how readers of the time could have found it at all "mysterious".Between the title and the obvious clues laid down with bright flashing neon lights and arrows, the entire solution was clear before most of the questions had even been posed.It was therefore just a matter of waiting for the apparently oblivious characters to slooowly start to figure out and piece together the knowledge that was sitting around for them.

It was also relatively frustrating that this was yet another novel in which the only real reason for much of the 'plot' to advance was a couple in love where one party thought they were shielding the other and so refused to tell their betrothed *that* they were shielding them, or why."I think you've done something awful, so I won't tell you that I think you've done something awful because you know that you've done something awful and if I tell you that I know you've done it..." there is never any conclusion to that thought.It's bad enough to protect a loved one from unpleasant knowledge, which is common enough in these books, but to protect a loved one from the unpleasant knowledge of something you think they themselves have done is ludicrous.

Anyway, I mostly continue to read Hume because a) the books are free while I'm waiting for library holds to come in; and b) it's really interesting to see a snapshot of a portion of society of the time.Good enough.
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