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Darrin's Story ePub

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]

It’s instant attraction when Darrin Daniels meets Ethan Porter, and they get along great both in general and between the sheets. They share many interests, like each other’s personality, and make a great couple. There’s only one problem. Darrin quails from Ethan’s public displays of affection. He’s still deeply closeted.

Darrin doesn’t like hiding his feelings for Ethan from the world, but Darrin works in the family business and expects his dad to retire and turn the business over to him one of these days soon…and the father, “Big Earl,” is a terrible homophobe. He’ll cut Darrin off from the business and the family if he finds out Darrin is gay.

Meanwhile, however, Ethan is unhappy at being hidden, and he breaks it off with Darrin. What can Darrin do? Things come to a head in an unexpected way, and Darrin finds himself at a crossroads where he has to make a choice.
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