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Dr Keith Foulcher PhD retired in February 2006 as lecturer and coordinator of the Indonesian Studies program. Before his appointment to the University of Sydney in 1996, he taught at Monash University in Melbourne and Flinders University in Adelaide. He has an international reputation for his work on modern Indonesian literature, and has been an invited speaker at various universities and associations in Indonesia, Singapore, The Netherlands and the United States.

His writings:
* "On Being a Modern Writer: Translation and the Angkatan 45" in Henri
Chambert-Loir (ed.), Translation in Indonesia (EFEO, Paris)
* "Moving Pictures: Western Marxism and Vernacular Literature in Colonial
Indonesia" in Doris Jedamski (ed), Chewing Over the West (Rodopi,
* Social Commitment in Literature and the Arts: The Indonesian "Institute of People's Culture," 1950-1965 (Monash University: Centre of Southeast Asian Studies, 1986) 234 pp.
* "The Construction of an Indonesian National Culture: Patterns of Hegemony and Resistance" in Arief Budiman (ed.) State and Civil Society in Indonesia (Monash University: Centre of Southeast Asian Studies, 1990) pp. 301-320.
* Pujangga Baru: Kesusastraaan dan Nasionalisme di Indonesia 1933-1942 (Jakarta: Girimukti Pasaka, 1991) 137 pp.
* "Literature, Cultural Politics and the Indonesian Revolution" in D.M.Roskies (ed.) Text/Politics in Island Southeat Asia (Ohio University: Center for International Studies, 1992) pp. 221-256.
* “Sumpah Pemuda: The Making and Meaning of a Symbol of Indonesian Nationhood”, Asian Studies Review (Australia) 24/3, September 2000, pp.377-410.)
* (with Tony Day, joint editor), Clearing a space: Postcolonial readings of modern Indonesian Literature (Leiden: KITLV Press, 2002)
* “Community and the metropolis: A Lenong Performance in Early New Order Jakarta”, Review of Indonesian & Malaysian Affairs (RIMA) 37/2, 2003, pp. 27-66
* “Biography, History and the Indonesian Novel: Reading Salah Asuhan”, Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en volkenkunde (Leiden), 161/2-3, 2005, pp. 247-268.
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