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Best in Show (Milked By Royalty, #5) ePub

Best in Show (Milked By Royalty, #5) ePub ebook download
After spending her previous night being gangbanged by the lord of Farthington Hall and all of his guests, Julia Dorne awakens to find her position as Lord Ashe's newest human cow somewhat altered. Why is his lordship now acting so aloof? Does it have to do with their previous night together, or could it be that the lovely Melissa Evers has something to do with his shifting mood? And for that matter, just who is this "Belle" everyone keeps speaking of, and what horrible fate did she suffer to make his lordship's gaze turn so haunted whenever he hears her name?

Julia often feels like she has more questions than answers, but with the Royal Human Cattle Show set to kick off this afternoon, she'll have to get her head in the game if she hopes to bring home the title of Best in Show. And she does want to win that title. She knows that as surely as she know her own name. Now all she has to figure out is whether she wants to extend her service with his lordship or reclaim her humanity once her contract is complete.

Of course, given all the attention she's recently been garnering, who's to say she'll even have a choice.

MILKED BY ROYALTY PART FIVE: BEST IN SHOW is a 9,000 word erotic tale featuring human cows. This is a work of fiction meant for an adult audience. The author does not condone or endorse any of the behaviors carried out by its characters.
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