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Price for Passage ePub

Price for Passage ePub ebook download
Meet private detective Seren Balthasar.Cast in the mold of Sherlock Holmes and Aloysius Pendergast, Seren is as much a detective of the past as the future.Add in a lot of yaoi spice and some alien vampires and you get Price for Passage, the first of many stories to come with this character.

Seren has been hired by the wealthy and handsome Jason Kane to find his younger brother, Chase.The naive teenager had disappeared after seeking passage to the fabled planet of Black Heart aboard a Kin vessel known as The Stryke.In order to save Chase, Seren must discover the dark underbelly of Kin and human society where everything is for sale in exchange for blood and sex. Will Seren be in time to stop Chase from paying the ultimate price?

This story is COMPLETE
The prologue and first 4 chapters are free for non-members.
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