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Ömer Seyfettin was born in 1884 in Gönen. He wrote under various aliases such as Ayas, Camsâp, C. Nazmi, C. Nizami, Ç. Kemal, F. Nezihi, Feridun Perviz, Kâf-ı Farsî, Kaygusuz, M. Enver, M. Enver Perviz, Ömer Perviz, Süheyl Feridun, Tarhan, and Tekin. Just like his father, Ömer Seyfettin was educated at the Kuleli Military Academy, and it was in this school that his love for literature bloomed. Some poems that he wrote during this period appeared in the publications Kadın and Bahçe. Following the declaration of the second constitutional monarchy, he was assigned to Thessalonica, and witnessed the awakening of nationalistic feelings among Balkan tribes.

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