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A Halloween Tail ePub

A Halloween Tail ePub ebook download
I don't really need to rehash the plot of the story as the blurb gives you all you need to know. It's pretty simple ~ gay guy gets trapped into taking his niece trick-or-treating in a big purple costume, with a tail, and ends up literally falling for a hunk in all black. Though it sounds simple enough, Munder does a wonderful job with this little Halloween story. It's quite brief but it's a fun tale and Lionel is a well written character. I was laughing throughout the story and I loved the style of humor that Munder employed. Lionel's costume couldn't be more preposterous and it makes for several hilarious moments, especially when the wind picks up his tail and sends him to the ground, taking his new friend with him. I enjoyed this story quite a bit and can't wait to read more of Munder's short stories.

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