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Eleven Sundays ePub

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“Beautifully written […] A richly descriptive tale of grief and gratitude.” –Kirkus Reviews

In a Northern California seaside town sheltered from time's advances, two women without families, both having suffered deep loss, forge an unlikely bond and become forever connected. This contemporary time capsule takes a Pop-Tart and espresso-fueled twentysomething on an uncharted fork in her road.

Annie's future falls apart until she finds the courage to look inside. Losses plunge her into depression. The office's repetitive and tedious work-a-day life doesn't provide the distraction she needs. So Annie shifts into denial and drives across San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge away from her big city problems. In fog-capped Drake’s Valley where explorers trekked before her, a mysterious souplady, a green-eyed cat, and three curious boys looking for bones influence her to face up to a changed future.
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