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How to Marry a Martian (Alien Vice Squad, #1) ePub

Have you heard of the MIB? That was just a movie, the Alien Vice Squad is the real deal. We handle Aliens who bypass the red tape and come to Earth to get the ultimate green card. I am a member of Team Omega. We’re a new task force designed to go after the Bernuli aliens who are mating with human women illegally. Once mated, it’s a marriage that by the Extraterrestrial Rights Act is recognized as valid. So there is no time to waste.

Aliens are sneaky. They only show their true selves during sexual release. But three hot and heavy sexual encounters with them is the same as saying ‘I Do’. So after you catch them you have to be able to withstand their aggressive advances as you transport them to a Deportation location.

Omega Team Motto: Do them, Document them, and Deport them.

But when you are an alien with nothing to lose, you’ll do anything to win.
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