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Gunga Din Highway ePub

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Nothing - not even Lassie - is held sacred when Frank Chin starts off by tilting at Hollywood's windmills and then moves on to topple many of today's other sacred cows. Rich with wicked humor and biting honesty, Gunga Din Highway is a freewheeling saga of two generations of the Kwan family: Longman, The Chinaman Who Dies in countless cinema epics, and his son Ulysses, who despises his father's dream of someday playing Charlie Chan. Joined by a broad assortment of complex and often hilarious characters, their story spans a lifetime - full of sixties protests, Chinese mythology, enduring friendships, bittersweet family conflict, the strains of flamenco guitar, and cameo appearances by Hollywood greats ranging from John Wayne to Annette Funicello. Gunga Din Highway is an impassioned and entertaining American tale, revealing big truths in a compelling, one-of-a-kind read.
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