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Dead Girls Club ePub

Dead Girls Club ePub ebook download
When Lesley Mann is assaulted and paralyzed by two Arabic-speaking ghuls, his savior is a supernatural fox, who appears in her human aspect, to heal him with the liver of a warlock. As a member of The Dead Girls Club and an operative of the FBI’s paranormal division, Sae has personal reasons for saving Les. But Les falls head over heels so fast that he’ll do anything Sae asks, including becoming a powerful werefox.

Together with Amalie, the essence of a warrior child in a formidable android body, Les and Sae commit to fighting a supernatural jihad. Along the way, Sae and Les become comically engrossed as lovers.

The laughter stops, however, when family becomes a target. Then Les must draw on every power, including one that comes with a cost, to protect those he loves.
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