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In my opinion Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks ever to walk the Earth.I mean this guy is a living legend.To have an undefeated season in your College career, and one game short in the Pros is pretty amazing!Tom came from a Catholic family with three sisters in San Mateo, California.His hard work paid off because like most sport stars, he became a champion.Tom is a very competitive guy that you could not ask any more from him.He works hard in both the off and in season.He went to Michigan competing for the top spot at quarterback, but he didn't get play until his Junior-Senior years.He then gets drafted by the Patriots in 2000, winning three Superbowl's in his career.If you want to learn more about Tom Brady then read the book that I just read Tom Brady Unlikely Champion.It's a great book and I liked it because it told me all about Tom that I didn't know.So if you really like Tom Brady then read the book, trust me you'll like it a lot.
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