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Redefining Success ePub

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Dragons’ Den star and Risky Business host W. Brett Wilson often gets asked about his secrets to success. He became one of Canada’s top investment bankers because he was driven, willing to take risks, and saw opportunity where others saw problems. But his path to business success also saw him tripping over a multitude of misguided priorities.

For many years, Wilson pursued business with uncompromising focus, willingly working long hours seven days a week. But in the process, his marriage and his health suffered greatly; he was rarely home as his kids were growing up, divorce was inevitable, and cancer struck at age forty-three. He truly learned the hard way that one can enjoy financial success and the respect of business peers while suffering the loss of what matters most: health, family, and friends.

Redefining Success details how Wilson was forced to redefine his life, making health and relationships his first priorities. Through trial and error, he learned that these simple virtues are the foundation for real, enduring success, both in business and life.

Wilson’s compelling insights are the basis for Redefining Success. Not just for entrepreneurs and business professionals, it outlines how we can change our lives for the better by re-evaluating our personal definitions of success, then reworking them into a life plan that is both feasible and rewarding. Inspirational and paradigm-changing, Redefining Success will help you implement and sustain lasting, positive change in your life—and make the world a little more meaningful every day.
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