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Tangled (12 Book Bundle of Billionaires, Bad Boys, and Royalty) ePub

Tangled (12 Book Bundle of Billionaires, Bad Boys, and Royalty) ePub ebook download
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Think high school was complicated? Welcome to the after party! Filled with billionaires, pro athletes, a biker, a cop, a crown prince, and even a white knight or two, this collection gathers 12 of the hottest adult romance stories from New York Times, USA Today, and Nook and Kindle bestselling authors!

Saltwater Kisses - Krista Lakes (NYT/USAT). Winning an island vacation, Emma meets Mr. Right but bids him a bittersweet good-bye after a make-believe marriage. Shock follows when their picture hits the paper and she learns the man of her dreams is Jack Saunders, the world's most eligible billionaire.

Fight For You - Adriana Hunter (NYT/USAT). Born into a life of privilege, Angela is the girl least likely to capture street fighter and hustler Liam Cross's heart. Yet a chance encounter sparks an uncontrollable passion, until his past threatens to tear them apart and they must face their true nature and needs.

Sexting Curves - Christa Wick (NYT/USAT). When a cell phone skirmish with her best friend exposes Lillian's intense and very naughty crush on Major Jones, will the misdirected text turn fantasy to reality?

Skin Deep - Dez Burke (NYT/USAT). Hired to ease racing champion Shane Davis back into society after a crash left him disfigured, Angela is shocked by the hard want his simmering glances produce. Will the no-strings-attached affair convince them that both beauty and scars are only skin deep?

This Crazy Little Thing - Tamryn Ward. When a wish has the original plain Jane waking in her coworker's size 2 body, she learns life for the perfectly proportioned isn't a fairytale-come-true - until she meets Jason Foxx, the billionaire ex-boyfriend to Jane's new body.

Tough to Love: Saving Avery - Ava Catori (NYT/USAT). Pro footballer Steel Brickman could be the white knight Avery needs to escape her troubled past, but her walls are tall and thick and the man is fierce. Will they find love or remain tangled in pain and desire?

Letting You In - Nora Flite. Leah wants to run from her past and every potential happily-ever-after. Instead, she runs straight into southerner Deacon Day. He talks like his mouth is full of syrup and smiles like every second is meant for laughter. Can he help Leah heal, or will she drag him down with her?

Mysterious Desire - Aphrodite Hunt (NYT/USAT). Working as a hotel maid to pay for college, Liz is seduced by a stranger at work. She doesn't expect to see him again, especially when she learns he is Crown Prince Alexander Vassar. Despite being engaged to another woman, Alex professes to desire only Liz. Is this true love or does Alex have an ulterior motive?

Stella & Dane - Deanna Roy. Stella wants to ditch her honky-tonk town when a brutally handsome stranger rides in on a motorcycle and their explosive love affair ignites disapproving locals. When a bar fight turns tragic, will the couple learn their love runs deeper than their reputations?

A World Away - Lila Lacroix. Sophie is getting over her ex with a semester abroad. But life and love in Paris are complicated. With her heart in danger of falling into the wrong hands again, will she choose local photographer Jacques or Philippe, the darkly attractive grad student with a turbulent past.

The Game Of Love - Terry Towers (NYT/USAT). Facing eviction, Janelle signs up for a reality TV show. To claim the cash prize, she must fall in love - or at least convince the audience. Dedicated cop Mason Compton reluctantly agrees to appear on the same show. Can they find real love in a house of scandal, lies and sexy singles?

Unwillingly Yours - Marian Tee (NYT/USAT).
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