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Baseball Miscellany ePub

Why does a curveball curve? What is a OC can of cornOCO? Why was Joe DiMaggio called the OC Yankee ClipperOCO? OC Who wrote OC Take Me Out to the BallgameOCO? How many times did Ty Cobb steal home?
In "Baseball Miscellany," the fascinating history and lore of our national pastime is finally revealed! For example, the reason a curveball curves is that its spin drags a layer of air across one surface of the ball faster than it does across the opposite surface. A OC can of cornOCO is slang for an easy-to-catch fly ball, the term originating from a general store clerk reaching up and dropping a can from a high shelf. Sportswriters dubbed Joe DiMaggio the OC Yankee ClipperOCO because he glided about the outfield with beauty and grace, like a clipper ship on the ocean. The lyrics to OC Take Me Out to the BallgameOCO were written in 1908 by vaudeville star Jack Norworth, who, while riding the subway, was inspired by a sign that said OC Baseball TodayOCoPolo Grounds.OCO And the great Ty Cobb stole home a whopping fifty-four timesOCofifty more than the career leader in total stolen bases, Rickey Henderson.
Packed with all manner of delightful surprises, beautiful illustrations and photographs, and delicious nuggets of information, Baseball Miscellany demystifies the origins and customs of AmericaOCOs most celebrated game. From spring training through the World Series, youOCOll be entertained with fun, little-known facts. Why do baseball players wear stirrup socks? Who invented the catcherOCOs mask? What Major League team passed up on signing eighteen-year-old Willie Mays in 1949? Settle into your favorite armchair, grab some peanuts or Cracker Jacks, and find out!"
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